COVID-19: United Nations appeals for 6.7 billion in aid to Developing Countries

The United Nations has requested to governments, companies and billionaires to urgently need 6.7$ billion to take action against the COVID-19 in poor countries, warning that failure could lead to hunger and epidemics. , Famine and more tension will spread.

The head of the UN’s social agency, Mark Lowcock, said that COVID-19 has so far targeted almost everyone in every country and in the world.

He said the United Nations’ initial appeal of 2 billion on March 25 was being raised because of already capital shortages, job losses, declining food supplies, rising prices and baby food and There is evidence that the vaccine has run out.

“The world’s poorest countries are unlikely to reach the peak of the epidemic in the next three or six months,” he said.

Appealing in a video statement, Mark Lowcock said “the poorest countries face the dual impact of COVID-19 on health, the global economic crisis and the effects of measures taken locally to prevent the virus“.

“We must be prepared for the escalation of this problem, hunger, poverty and disease, because economic activity, exports, foreign investment, tourism and the health system are under pressure,” he warned.

“The lockdown and economic impact means that an epidemic of hunger awaits millions,” he said.

On the other hand, David Beasley, executive director of the World Food Program, said there were two main ways to save 265 million people from famine by the end of the year, one of which was to facilitate money supply and supply chain supply.

United Nations Appealing of COVID-19 for Richest Peoples of world

COVID-19: United Nations appeals for 6.7 billion in aid to Developing Countries

He said that the United Nations has asked rich countries to continue funding at all times but the epidemic is a one-time crisis and they call for help from the richest people and the richest companies for the devastation is unheard of, No problem.

“I’m not talking about a few million, I’m talking about millions and billions of dollars,” said David Beasley.

He said that some countries have banned exports which is having the worst effect on the supply of food items.

David Beasley, for example, said that if young people in urban Africa lose their jobs due to the economic effects of the coronavirus, they do not even have a bank account for treatment.

He said that even if they did not have food, they would resort to protests, clashes, tensions and vandalism, which would cost the world a hundred times more than delaying rather than acknowledging the reality and taking immediate action.

He said that if the world did not provide adequate funding, it would lead to disaster.

“We are facing a moderate rate of famine and if we do nothing we cannot avoid famine and now is the time to do something,” said the World Food Program executive director.

The head of the United Nations’ social agency, Mark Lowcock, said the initial 2$ bn UN appeal has so far increased to 1$ billion, which includes Europe, Germany, the United Kingdom, the European Commission, Japan, the Persian Gulf, Canada and Cooperation from other countries is also included.

The appeal includes nine more poor countries, bringing the total to 54, initially Benin, Djibouti, Liberia, Mozambique, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, Togo and Zimbabwe.

Luocock said the list was being considered to include more countries.

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