This is a good time to start a profitable business on the Internet

We are the representatives of a generation that has seen the monster of an epidemic move around us, faced uncertainties that were unimaginable.

The idea of decorating your local restaurant in Pakistani style and not knowing what dreams remained unfulfilled, business life was so suspended that there was no such thing in the imagination, in such a changing situation. Looking out of a connected business is like looking out of a window of opportunity.

However, this observation of a few months has established one thing that income from the internet is not only a reality but also a new opportunity for Pakistanis and a great opportunity to showcase their potential. There are thousands of people working online right now but I see the future of millions of people connected to it.

Here are some business options on the Internet.


This is a good time to start a profitable business on the Internet

You need to create a book title, like Facebook or increase YouTube subscribers, enter data or need a virtual assistant for such work, write content for your website or a 30,000 word book, AutoCAD To make a map of or your beautiful digital portrait, so what is the work that Pakistani youth sitting on the Internet is not doing.

Making money from the internet is not only a reality but also a new opportunity for Pakistanis to show off their talents.
Previous days I thought of translating my articles into English and wrote about it on a website called Upwork. On the first day, 18 people contacted. Then I needed help creating a thumbnail on my YouTube channel. I made a short post on a website called Fiverr and dozens of people came online with their services. This is an area where work is already being done in Pakistan, but in practice, there is room for improvement.


This is a good time to start a profitable business on the Internet

There is one thing you can do with less money, called drop shipping. Amazon, eBay, and many other companies do just that.

I have recently set up a store on a website called Shopify, which offers yoga mats and sportswear for women, and according to my advisor, it is in high demand these days.

The items that people order at this store will be provided by another company called Oberlo, meaning you just have to create an account and market the products placed on it. Where will it come from? How to reach customers? This is not my problem. All I have to do is do effective marketing and this will start selling goods from my store and I will start getting commissions on the sale of everything.

Blogging and YouTube on Internet

This is a good time to start a profitable business on the Internet

People have made their fortune from blogging and YouTube. If you also have a skill to show to the world and you can put it together, YouTube gives you a fair amount of money in terms of ads running on it. Many bloggers living in Pakistan are earning millions of rupees a month with the help of YouTube.

The creators made their fortune from blogging and YouTube.
I stepped into the affiliate and influencer market on Amazon in those days of the Corona Crisis and started working on 2 books by Kundal and also set up a dropshipping store on Shopify which doesn’t seem to be doing much right now. , But create dozens of new videos for your YouTube channel. That was our point but you can also spend this time in positive and profitable activities.

Affiliate Marketing or Influencer Marketing

This is a good time to start a profitable business on the Internet

Affiliate marketing can open up new opportunities for you if you have a tail and people follow you or if you can get people to your website, such as on Amazon. Amazon will give me a commission on every product you buy through me, or if I’m popular on social media and tell my fans that something is great. If you buy this item using the link, you will not only get this item 10% cheaper, but I will also get a reasonable commission from selling it.

Choose your preferred source of income from the internet and earn money by showcasing your skills and abilities.

On Facebook alone you will find dozens of groups teaching freelancing, Amazon, drop shipping. I can guide you, the only condition is that the world with a new look Starts watching. It’s time to dump her and move on.

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