According to the United Nations, Syrian citizens face “extraordinary” hunger

The United Nations World Food Program warns that the Syrian citizens are facing extreme hunger and that 9.3 million people are deprived of adequate food.

“The Syrians are experiencing a severe hunger crisis and food prices have reached record levels during the nine-year civil war,” said Elizabeth Bayers, a WFP spokeswoman.

“Millions of Syrians citizens fell below the poverty line,” the Turkish news agency, Al-Anadour news agency, reported.

He told a press conference in Geneva that the number of Syrians suffering from malnutrition had increased by 1.4 million in only the past six months.

He said, “The Lebanese economy, which acts as a bridge to the Syrian economy, has collapsed and dangerous conditions have developed in both countries.”

“Food prices have increased by 200% per year due to measures such as the closure of coronaviruses,” said Elizabeth Beers.

He said it had risen 20 times if we compared food prices before the crisis.

He said that a basket of basic necessities used to cost 4000 pounds before the crisis and now it cost 76,000 pounds.

Citizens are reportedly forced to cut food and sell real estate and debtors.

“The Syrian citizens are in a situation where they cannot cope. Despite their depleted savings and selling their homes, they are under great pressure to meet their needs,” the spokesman said.

Despite all this, he said, “citizens continue to face poverty and hunger.”

According to the World Food Program, 200 million euros are badly needed to continue providing food aid to the Syrian citizens at the end of the year.

Elizabeth Beers said that the organization will have to cut food supplies to the Syrian citizens until the new fund is launched in August, as more people start to rely on food demand from October 2020. Tell.

More than 384,000 people were killed last month in Syria, including 116,000 citizens, according to a report by the Syrian Human Rights Watch.

According to the report, the war that broke out in March 2011 involved many children and women and has killed 22,000 children and 13,000 women so far.

According to human rights organizations, the Syrian war destroyed the economy and forced more than 11 million Syrians to evict their homes.

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