What are the strategies to cope with a global pandemic?

The difference between the quietness of Europe’s lanes, squares and the turbulent, intensely painful reality in huge numbers of its medical clinics is deplorable. COVID-19 Pandemic has taken the whole world in its grip, it seems that nature is going to revive itself against this pandemic. In any case, exactly in what manner will rely upon the decisions that we make today.

Coronavirus emerged as a global enemy but the positive thing we have seen throughout this pandemic is that countries are supporting each other which is a dire need of the hour.

As UN Secretary-General António Guterres has urged. “ we should use this crisis as an opportunity to restore peace.”

It’s an ideal opportunity to show solidarity among the nation. Luckily, it is now being shown in Europe, where France and Austria are sending in excess of 3,000,000 covers to Italy, and where Germany is taking in and treating patients from France and Italy. After a first period of separating national choices, we are currently entering a period of assembly in which the EU becomes the dominant focal point.

Four strategies to cope with Pandemic

There are four major priorities for global cooperation.

  • First, we must pool resources to produce new treatments and a vaccine, which should be regarded as a global public good.
  • Second, we need to limit the economic damage by coordinating fiscal- and monetary stimulus measures and protecting the global trade in goods
  • Third, we should be planning to re-open borders in a coordinated way whenever health authorities give the green light.
  • Lastly, we must cooperate to fight disinformation campaigns.

These are solid instances of worldwide solidarity and participation; they have to turn into the standard. One approach to consider COVID-19 is that it is reviving history. Through whatever changes are available, the EU must stay a bringing together factor, by advancing joint endeavors with China and the United States to address the pandemic and its results. Just with these three forces pulling a similar way can the G20 and the United Nations have a genuine effect too.

To sum up the whole discussion there is an opportunity to end long-running clashes. There have just been some positive indications of collaboration between rivals. The United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, for instance, as of late sent a guide to Iran, which has been hit especially hard by COVID-19. Nobody can bear to wage many wars simultaneously.

The world at first met the emergency in an awkward manner, with such a large number of nations overlooking the admonition signs and grinding away alone. It is presently evident that the main way out of it is as one.

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