5 companies in Pakistan and India allowed to manufacture and sell COVID-19 cure ( remedesivir )

Glade Sciences says it has signed non-exclusive license packets (agreements) this week with five general pharmaceutical companies from Pakistan and India to increase access to drugs that provide better outcomes for COVID-19 patients.  Which allows them to make and sell ‘remedesivir’ medicine in 127 countries.

 However, health access groups claim that the agreements could mean cheaper drugs that are not available in countries that are considered unprofitable for five pharmacists.

 According to the latest news, Remedico is currently the only approved drug for the treatment of COVID-19 patients, after initial trial results, the US regulator on May 2 approved its emergency use.

5 companies in Pakistan and India allowed to manufacture and sell  Coronavirus cure ( remedesivir )

In addition, two health-related groups have written to the Indian government to revoke the patents granted to Gilead for remediation so that it can be distributed fairly to COVID-19 patients around the world.

 It should be noted that drug patents are a major issue in India as many countries rely on generic pharmaceuticals to make and sell cheap prescriptions for essential drugs.

 Since the drug was developed to treat Ebola in 2009, Glade has 3 patents in India for remedial stem.

 In a letter to the Indian government, Third World Network legal researcher K. Gopa Kumar said that the licenses have divided the global market into two parts and the lucrative markets are with Glade while the less lucrative markets are with 5 general companies has been given.

Which Pakistan’s Companies allows to manufacture coronavirus medicine?

It may be recalled that the previous two Pakistani companies, Feroz Sons Laboratories, had announced that their subsidiary BF Biosciences Limited (BFBL) was developing a better-acting drug against Corona and selling it to 127 countries, including Pakistan.  A license agreement has been signed with the American company Glade Sciences Inc.

 He said that Glade Sciences had entered into  agreements with five pharmaceutical companies in India and Pakistan, including Cipla Limited, Feroz Sons Laboratories, Heathrow Labs Limited, Jubilant Life Sciences and Milan.

 It may be recalled that a few days ago, the American pharmaceutical company Glade Sciences had said that it was in talks with pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan and India to start production of the drug ‘Remedesivir’ which gives better results to the patients of Coronavirus. 

The remedesivir, which previously failed to treat Ebola, is designed to inactivate the replication of certain viruses inside infected cells.

 Japan has approved the use of a remediator by Glade Sciences to treat patients with corona virus. At the same time, it became the country’s first officially certified drug to deal with the corona virus.

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