Iran demands UN response to a nuclear deal breach of US.

Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif has called on the UN Secretary-General to respond to two years of US withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

In his message on the social networking site Twitter, Jawad Zarif said, “Two years after the US withdrew from the JCPOA, I urge Antonio Guterres to break his promises and others  The United States should be held accountable for encouraging this.

Iran demands UN response to a nuclear deal breach of US.

 “Illegal bigotry is tarnishing the image of the United Nations and endangering world peace and stability,” he said.

Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif Tweeted

In a long letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif briefed the United States on Iran’s withdrawal from the treaty and Iran’s actions.

He said it was now clear to everyone that illegal US activities were a process of disregarding international law and the UN Charter, which increased the risks.

 “I urge the international community, especially the United Nations Security Council and the Secretary-General, to take appropriate action in response to this heinous act by the United State government,” he said.

The Iranian foreign minister said that “the United State should hold him accountable for his recent provocative actions by the United States.”

 In a letter to the United Nations Secretary-General, he said “the Iranian government and people do not want tensions, they have always shown responsibility and our nation has faced every pressure.

 According to Jawad Zarif, “Now it is the turn of the international community to show responsibility and, as I have emphasized, to hold the United Nations accountable for its irresponsibility.

 It should be noted that US President Donald Trump announced his withdrawal from the agreement with Iran in 2018 and imposed more economic sanctions on Iran, while other international parties to the agreement, Britain, Germany, France, Russia and China, continued the agreement with Iran.  Was announced.

Donald Trump has said that Iran has developed nuclear-capable missiles. If the agreement is continued, the nuclear arms race will begin and a state will not be allowed to carry a nuclear weapon with slogans calling for the destruction of the United States.

The US president had said that Iran’s efforts to build a nuclear weapon were extremely dangerous.  He said that Iran is a dangerous country and Iran promoted terrorism after the lifting

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