IMF has given substantial Debt Relief to Pakistan

The foreign minister’s remarks follow the declaration of the G20 countries on Wednesday to give one-year debt Relief to the world’s least fortunate countries as they battle to monetarily adapt to the coronavirus pandemic.

Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi said.

“PM Imran Khan had engaged IMF for debt alleviation for developing nations which was acknowledged by the Fund. IMF has reported it would give one-year help to 76 developing nations including Pakistan,”


Since Pakistan is set to take an interest in the debt relief plan simply approved by the G20 bunch in its gathering on Wednesday, it is sensible to expect a lot of help for the outer segment in the months ahead. This is undoubtedly good news for the nation as the COVID-19 fight looks set to escalate. For the time being, all debt service commitments that will be expected between May 1 and Dec 1, 2020, are qualified for alleviation under the terms consented to, however, there are excellent possibilities that this period will be reached out to June 2021.

The G20 has welcomed definitely this augmentation by taking into consideration two surveys, one in July and another in November, during which the chance of expansion can be thought of. The IMF and the World Bank both assumed a key job in drafting the details of the arrangement and advocating it at the gathering, in the conference with a gathering of African nations that had raised an aggregate voice for this debt relief and propelled the discretion required to carry it to realization.

The G20 had a choice to make about which nations to remember for the arrangement, and it had a decision between utilizing the UN rundown of Least Developed Countries or the World Bank’s rundown of nations qualified to get under the International Development Authority. The G20 decided to run with the latter list, to Pakistan’s good luck on the grounds that the nation doesn’t include on the UN list.

Debt reimbursement

IMF report shows Pakistan has $12.731 billion of external debt in FY2021 that could be dependent upon treatment under the debt relief plan. Despite the fact that the arrangement targets official l bilateral creditors, it is comprehended by specialists around the globe that commercial creditors will also be asked to follow the same template. Pakistan has $2.545bn of debt service installments owed to commercial creditors next monetary year, of which $2.3bn is to China.

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