Donald Trump uses hydroxychloroquine to avoid corona

US President Donald Trump surprised everyone by announcing that he would take hydroxychloroquine for malaria.

 Experts in his own government say the drug is not suitable for the coronavirus.  Trump has been using the drug as a precautionary measure for about a week and a half, according to a report by the foreign news agency AFP.  ۔

 “I take one pill a day and take zinc with it,” he said;

 When asked why they do it, he said, “I think it’s great and I’ve heard a lot of good stories about it.”

Donald Trump has been interested in using hydroxychloroquine for weeks, with some doctors believing it does not affect coronavirus patients and US government regulators have warned that  Has not been proven safe.

 On the other hand, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that it is not a good idea for Trump to take medicine to prevent the coronavirus.

 “I would say they shouldn’t take drugs that scientists haven’t approved, especially at this age and with their weight, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he said.

 Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schmidt called Trump’s decision to take the drug “reckless.”

 “It will give the people false hope, they will avoid real medical advice and they may be harmed. What they have done is very dangerous,” he said.

 Donald Trump’s remarks hit the headlines at a time when the number of deaths from the corona virus in the United States has exceeded 90,000, a third of the world’s total.

 “You’d be surprised to hear how many people, especially frontline workers, are taking it, and I’m using it,” Trump said during a meeting for the restaurant industry at the White House.

 “I’m using hydroxychloroquine, I started using it a few weeks ago,” he said.

 It should be noted that Donald Trump had said last week that a small group of people are at risk from the coronavirus.

 He also rejected the idea of ​​wearing a mask because of the risk of the virus, while most of his staff members appear in public wearing masks.

 It should be noted that the corona virus has been confirmed in Katie Miller, the press secretary of US Vice President Mike Pence, including Donald Trump’s personal helper.


 Donald Trump said he began using the drug after White House physician Sean Conley’s approval, but insisted he had taken the first step, not a doctor.

 “I asked the doctor what he thought, and he said if you like it, then I said yes, I like it,” he said.

 Sean Conley later said in a statement that he agreed after a lengthy discussion on the pros and cons of using Donald Trump’s antiviral drug.

 “We have come to the conclusion that the benefits outweigh the concerns,” he said.

 It should be noted that earlier this month, a New York medical journal suggested that the use of hydroxychloroquine with zinc sulfate could have effective effects against the corona virus.

 However, Dr. Matthew Heinz, who served in the administration of former US President Barack Obama, said the hydroxychloroquine drug was available for use without interruption.

 “I would like to emphasize how reckless it is to persuade someone to use this drug or unproven drugs,” he said.

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