COVID-19 incidents shocked the world by glorifying Islam

The COVID-19 has swapped the entire world. The epidemic has zeroed in on the superpowers. The big claimants have failed miserably to save their people from this epidemic and their people are rubbing their heels. Forced to die.

On the one hand, the mosques have been locked and the voices of Allahu Akbar have spread all over the world and Allah Almighty has not only celebrated His power through an invisible virus but has also forced them to their knees. Even the Prime Minister of Italy, who has built the best health care system in the world, has been forced to say that we have used all our strength and now there is only hope for one God.

Hijab’s Punishment in France

COVID-19 incidents shocked the world by glorifying the universality of Islam

The one who punishes the hijab is forced to punish those who do not wear the niqab
Wearing a hijab was legally banned in the country of France and repeatedly voiced by Muslim circles in this regard, but Muslim women were not allowed to wear the hijab in any way but only three months after the outbreak. Forced the French government to punish those who left their homes without wearing masks and today every French citizen is forced to cover his face when leaving his home.

The American president who is a Muslim In his speech, he was forced to say that if there is a shortage of masks in the country, then Avoid the easy solution is to take the veil on face veils like Muslims.

Closing the Kaaba

COVID-19 incidents shocked the world by glorifying the universality of Islam

At a time when the Kaaba has been closed to foreigners and Muslim countries around the world have banned congregational prayers due to lockdowns, the call to prayer has spread not only around the world.

In fact, a country like Spain where the call to prayer has been banned for years, the voices of Allah Akbar have resounded. Even in the US Parliament, recitation of the Holy Quran has been arranged for good and blessings.

Migration of People of Itlay

Former PM of Somalia left the poor country to save his life but died in a rich country
Somalia is considered one of the poorest countries in the world. Former Prime Minister Nouri Hassan Hussein, who served as prime minister from 2007 to 2009, left his poor country to move to the United Kingdom to live in peace. On the other hand, a country delegation like Italy requested asylum to seek refuge with the Somali government, rather than stay in its developed country. Want to be safe from

Trump Wall

COVID-19 incidents shocked the world by glorifying the universality of Islam

The United States, a so-called superpower, has decided to build a wall on the border between the two countries to stop people from a backward country like Mexico inside its own country also known as the Trump Wall. It was built by the United States to prevent Mexicans from entering the United States illegally

when the Coronavirus epidemic spread to the United States, the Mexican president used the wall to allow Americans to enter his country. What to do to prevent those who wanted to enter Mexico to avoid the Corona

All of these events are enough to tell the world that this is the only God who is operating the system.

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