How the controversy sparked between the Pentagon and Trump because of protests in US?

The head of the Pentagon, who is in charge of US defense, has rejected US President Donald Trump‘s idea of ​​using troops to quell protests in the country.

According to a report by the foreign news agency AP, both Donald Trump and Secretary of Defense Mark Asper came under criticism from Trump’s first Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis.

Criticism of him came at a time when the US president had threatened to use the military to “dominate” street protesters in the country.

It should be noted that protests are being held in the United States over the death of George Floyd, a black citizen of a white police officer after he was kept on his knees for several minutes.

The president urged governors to call on the National Guard to quell the protests, which have escalated into violence and warned that if they do not, they could send troops to active duty.

Mark Asper angered the US president by saying he opposed the use of force by law enforcement agencies.

He said that the law of 1807 should be enforced in the United States only in the most urgent and most serious circumstances whereas “we are no longer in these conditions“.

However, after a visit to the White House, the Pentagon abruptly withdrew its initial decision to send hundreds of active-duty troops home from the Washington region, a sign of escalating tensions with the White House.

Former Secretary of State Jim Mattis, who is also a retired Marine General, wrote in an article in The Atlantic newspaper about both Donald Trump and Asper, considering the use of in-service military personnel by law enforcement agencies and their widespread use. Criticized the use of peaceful protests outside the White House.

“We must reject the idea of ​​turning our cities into battlefields for which the military in uniform is called upon to dominate,” Jim Mattis wrote, quoting Esper and the US president.

“Our retaliation, as we have seen in Washington, will start a conflict between the military and civilians,” he said.

On Twitter, Donald Trump responded by calling Jim Mattis “the most defeated general in the world” and saying, “I didn’t like his leadership style or anything about it. Many people agree with me. I’m glad.” That they are gone! ‘

It should be noted that a few days ago, Mark Asper had ordered to send about 1,300 soldiers to military bases just outside the country’s capital.

His orders came as Trump called for the implementation of the Rebellion Act and the deployment of troops in the city in response to violent protests.

After dispersing the crowd on Saturday with National Guard troops and a large contingent of armed federal law enforcement agents, defense officials said the troops would return to their bases.

However, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told the Associated Press that the decision was reversed after Esper’s visit to the White House.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment, asking whether Donald Trump had reversed the decision.

The change added weight to the US President’s threats to protest the death of George Floyd and the decision to implement the Rebellion Act.

White House officials had indicated before Asper’s remarks that Trump was backing away from the decision, but officials said Trump was angry that Asper’s statement described us as “weak.”

Press Secretary Kelly McIntyre said that despite Asper’s comments, the president still agreed to deploy federal troops.

“They will use it if needed, but at the moment they are relying on increasing the number of roads with the National Guard. It has proved to be very effective,” he told reporters.

Meanwhile, the US president is taking credit for deploying federal and other law enforcement officers in the country’s capital.

“It’s ideal for states to figure out how to stop the violence that accompanies protests across the country,” he said.

The military was on the streets in Washington on Wednesday evening.

At least 2,200 National Guard personnel will be on the streets, defense officials said.

Helmeted forces marched from the White House to the vicinity of Lafayette Park, while military vehicles parked at intersections and blocked roads.

Trump has argued that large-scale use of force is responsible for calming the recent violent protests in Washington and other cities.

He criticized the governors who did not fully deploy the National Guard.

“You have a strong army and the country needs peace and order,” he told Fox News Radio.

.Does Trump still trust the Pentagon chief? “Secretary Asper is still in office. If the president loses his confidence, we’ll talk about it in the future,” McAnney said in response to a question.

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  1. The roman republic had a rule that Roman soldiers were not allowed with in the city of Rome. The beginning of the end of the republic was when Sulla brought his Legion within the city limits.

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