Case has been filed against Lal masjid clerics: upon holding Friday congregations

Another case was enlisted against Maulana Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid for abusing the ban on Friday congregations forced as a piece of measures to check the spread of coronavirus.

One of his companions was likewise reserved for showing arms which is additionally restricted in the capital. Nonetheless, nobody has so far been captured regarding the three cases.

Case Against the Lal Masjid

A cop revealed that the new case was enrolled under segment 270 (threatening act liable to spread contamination of sickness perilous to life) and 188 (disobedience to order duly promulgated by community worker) of the PPC alongside the arm ordinance.

There is a restriction on the congregation in mosques yet the priest drove Friday prayers at Lal Masjid. The maulana and his associates were approached to prevent individuals from disregarding the restriction but they ignored, the officer stated, adding around 200 to 300 individuals accumulated in the mosque.

In answer to a question, the officer said any move to arrest Maulana Aziz or his associates would disrupt law and order situation.

An officer of the capital organization included that a couple of ulemas were approached to negotiate with the Lal Masjid pastor and persuade him to follow the administration order.

He said a board of ulema, which had earlier mediated between the organization and the pastor half a month back after he dealt with the mosque, was again helping the organization to get the restriction implemented.

On April 3, a case was enlisted at the Aabpara police headquarters against Maulana Aziz and six others on charges of PPC 505 (with the expectation to cause or which is probably going to cause, dread or caution to general society or to any segment of the public whereby an individual might be included to submit an offense against the state or against the open serenity) and 188 (disobedience to order appropriately declared by community worker).

On April 17, the second case under the same section of the PPC was enlisted against them. Authorities of the capital organization and police said restrictions on the Friday congregations were seen in the city generally. Huge social occasions (more than 150) were seen at 15pc of the mosques.

In like manner, social occasion of 100 to 150 was seen in 20pc mosques while 50 to 100 accumulated in 35pc of the mosques.

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