Joe Biden calls on India to restore Kashmir’s rights

WASHINGTON: US presidential candidate and former US Vice President Joe Biden called on India to restore the rights of the occupied Kashmir’s rights and complained about recent constitutional changes, mainly for Muslims.

In a site publication of a recent campaign titled “Agenda for Islamic American Society,” Biden identified the detention of more than a million Uighur Muslims in western China with Rohingya Muslims and Myanmar in Myanmar. Of discrimination against Kashmir. And he raised the issue of Assam.

Sir. Biden outlines his policy of winning the presidency in November, and the Kashmir government needs to restore Kashmir’s rights and stop peaceful protests, shut down the Internet or slow down the Internet All precautions must be taken Weakening democracy, restrictive conditions.

According to the article, the implementation of Assam’s national citizenship registration and its subsequent steps, and the enactment of legislation to change the disappointing citizenship of Bid, said these measures extend the state’s secularism. Tradition and sustainable ethnic and multi-religious democratic identities are in conflict.

Recall that Donald Trump highlighted the issue of cashmere in the 2016 presidential election and offered to help resolve the conflict at a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan in July 2019. Since then, he has repeated his bid twice at the UN General Assembly and the Swiss International Forum.

The Biden, which is still at least 10 points higher than Trump in most polls, has a clear stance on other Kashmir’s rights, including this in his political documents.

“We also understand the situation of Muslim Americans in events in Muslim majority and Kashmir’s rights,” the document added.

There is no justification for detaining more than a million Uighur Muslims in western China, as President Joe Biden opposes prison camps in Xinjiang and is responsible for the people and businesses involved in the crime. insisted Furthermore, the systematic discrimination and cruelty of the Muslim minorities in Rohingya in Burma is and is a threat to peace and stability.

The article states that many religions in the Middle East support political and economic reform and the return of basic American diplomacy to help achieve dignity, prosperity and peace.

During his tenure as both the President of the White House and President Obama, Joe Biden also defended the former administration’s Middle East strategy and reached the US Iran agreement in July 2015. The nuclear deal is signed.

However, in May 2018, Trump’s Trump administration officially withdrew from the contract and has since pursued a policy aimed at Iran seeking further unity between Saudi Arabia and its allies. Is there

Joe Biden promised political reform in his political document. The changes will end Donald Trump’s open resignation with human rights violations and end the Yemen war. The ending is included.

If elected, the government of Biden will initiate intense human rights negotiations with both friends and rivals to achieve these goals.

This article also denies the Trump government’s decision to prevent refugees from entering the United States in some of most Muslim countries, leaving the new government with refugees fleeing conflict from our shores. I announce that I want to bro. Welcome

To tackle the sensitive issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the police document finds peace, freedom, security, prosperity and solutions for President Biden to speak to both Israel and Palestine. He does

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