America becomes a police state.

In repressive countries around the world, I have often seen with great sadness the reaction of military and foreign police forces to political reform movements or to attempts to mobilize a popular movement.

In many cases, brutal tactics, sometimes made possible by American equipment, are used to suppress civil society and protect the ruling government from criticism, accountability and reform.

However, as a member of an organization that monitors and examines foreign security policies and practices supported by the United States, I have been in the United States since the assassination of George Floyd. I was anxious to know this painful and painful scene.

In Washington, DC, violent armed riots collided with peaceful protesters seeking to use force on the orders of a president at the request of a president. These scenes generated famous pop books from dictatorial countries around the world.

A Black Hawk helicopter, another plane, Humvees and hundreds of armed “forces” on the streets of the democratic capital of the world can be mistaken as one of the many scenes of suicide suppression in the world.

Indeed, the arguments in favor of public order used to justify the violence of the State can only be drawn from the inadequacies of any tyranny. It is common to refer only to security threats to justify aggressive and indiscriminate violence, which is well known even to international human rights observers.

The consequences on American roads have been dire, including examples of police and national security violence that the United States wanted. Elsewhere, there was immediate condemnation.

I have seen what dictatorial governments do abroad with American weapons and military equipment, where a monopoly on the use of force is used instead of endangering civil society and democracy.

Unfortunately, the military response to certain protests in the United States in recent weeks has shown that black Americans and people of color are questioning everything: the United States is becoming more and more like a police state. ۔

So, while the landscapes of the capital, New York and Minneapolis surprised people with distinction, for many it was only a window on their daily life and their life experiences.

Indeed, American police – particularly in the color category – have exposed some of the militant characteristics of homeland security agencies around the world. Since September 11, local police have been supplying equipment suitable for combat areas off the streets of American cities, including assault rifles, grenade launchers, bombing robots and armored personnel carriers.

Do Swat teams give orders without being hit overnight and raids are underway, killing many, including Priyona Taylor. Police officers are protected from union liability and legal safeguards, including those who have the right to immunity, which effectively protect officers from being prosecuted for constitutional violations, while people of color around the world. It is disproportionately hosted by the largest prison system.

American democracy, or at least its aspirations, cannot have a police state. This type of internal repression, which we have seen in many incidents in the past few weeks, does not coincide with these opinions, so many of our leaders speak without words.

In this sense, demands to rethink the work of the American police and to fight institutional racism are essential to the validity and continuity of the American democratic experience. There is a long way to go, but the militarization of the United States police is a good place to start.

The elimination of the Pentagon 1033 program, which provides military equipment to local police forces. Refused to exempt the charge; Stopping incursions without the methods of the American security services will help meet the expectations of a more independent democracy.

In addition to providing only sources of violence, these programs and methods carry the message that a fighting culture and an “against them” mentality, which embodies part of the efforts of local police, are encouraged. In this sense, a cultural revolution is necessary. We can no longer be satisfied with the negative “peace” that reigns in our country, where even the so-called rule of law is maintained under the threat of arms.

In the past few weeks, with difficulty, you must offer some hope. It turns out that American democracy has been preserved, not by our institutions, but by our people, many of whom have taken to the streets in great danger to demand their personal opinions, and this country is proud of all its citizens. ۔ The position of the American police does not conform to these ideologies and casts a shadow over our democracy. Until that changes, our mountainous city will be far away.

Elias Youssef is the acting director of the security assistance monitoring program at the Center for International Policy, analyzing the impact of American arms transfers on international security and human rights.

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